GoGreen the ECOPURE™ way

Join the Revolution, the biodegradable plastics Revolution, with EcoPure. This groundbreaking additive makes regular plastic biodegradable. Your product, like those above, can be made to break down into organic components with as little as .7% (by weight) of EcoPure. And EcoPure is easy to use. Just add it in to your production process the same way you would add color concentrate. No need to re-engineer your product. No new materials to struggle with. No flaking or shortened shelf life. Your final product will be essentially indistinguishable from your current product. But when it’s finally discarded it will return to the cycle of life. The future is now.

Fonte: Bio-Tec Environmental LLC

Download this file (brochurecompressed_a.pdf)Scarica Brochure in PDF